Mikrobit senzorika

engineering traffic sensors


Mikrobit senzorika d.o.o. is a privately owned company founded in 1990 (until 2013 as Mikrobit d.o.o.).
The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of electronic devices and systems for the collection of statistical data on the traffic.

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Company Mikrobit senzorika d.o.o. it offers to solve in the field of counting in the classification of vehicles and the construction of systems to monitoring and control traffic in real time. Services and products are designed exclusively for professional use and do not fall into the general consumer sales.

Key products:


Due to the high quality of our devices and associated software company ranks among the top producers in the field, both at home and abroad.
We are present in eight foreign markets, which, through its agents contacted with the users of our systems and successfully solve customer requests.


Mikrobit senzorika,
engineering traffic sensors, d.o.o.
Ulica arhitekta Novaka 13
9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenija, EU

T: +386 2 530 00 50
F: +386 2 530 00 51
E: info@mikrobit.si